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23 Jan 2021

I made the chips last season from a slightly different recipe and they needed improvement. Of all of the recipes found, this is the BEST!!!!!! What a fantastic quick, easy and fool proof recipe ! I sprinkled them with pramesan cheese after I took out. Your simple tips did the trick and I think I made the most perfect kale chips this morning! Thank you for your excitement! i was pretty bummed about hillary losing but this kale tip lifted my spirits :) I just happened to have all the necessary ingredients, so I set to work with my freshly purchased bag of chopped kale. Had to eat them all!!!! WITH oxygen absorbers. Is great substitute for cheese! So happy the kale chips recipe was a hit! I agree. Hey Rob, Kale chips are actually supposed to do just that (get super crispy and disintegrate in your mouth) haha…I know it’s a weird thing, and can take some getting used to :). Is there any way to eliminate this? Great info. Can you believe that I don’t own a salad spinner? It’s a natural reaction, and is heightened in females- it is meant to ward against poisons, which are mostly bitter. Thank you Emily! If your not sure about just do a few pieces to try it. They came out perfect, and I can’t stop eating them. I’m Peri-menopausal and Kale is one of the foods I’m supposed to eat to relieve the symptoms, which can be intense! Thanks for helping me skip quite a bit of trial and error with pro tips. Great recipe! Thanks so much. Thank you again for a great recipe and fantastic tips. Ingredients for four screens or oven racks of kale pieces. Blessings! So I’ve made (more like tried to make) kale chips a few times and every time they turned out badly, but I had extra kale lying around from another recipe and decided to give kale chips another go. DO NOT use the baking yeast that you have in the fridge! Thank you!! Only cooked it for total time Thanks for the most perfect recipe ever!!! I bought a 2lb bag today to sautee and found your recipe. This is a great recipe! total in my oven. 25 mins all up a little too long for my batch! Followed your directions, omitting the yeast because didn’t have any. This were simply awful….tasted like I was eating seasoned weeds..(my husband’s comments). You burned them, most likely. This is great- can’t wait to try! Hi Noreen, Great question! I love this recipe and can’t wait to try it. I hope Sketchie is doing well, you are so thoughtful to share his journey. My husband, 6 yo and I still liked them! Less oil needed for cooking, too! i love angie xxoo. I’m in the process of making the chips and I’ve already eaten half of the first batch. Put your wet kale in a large bowl so it won’t blow away. :), I searched on line to find a recipe and came across this one. I tried it today for lunch, it was lovely!!! Good recipe, but oh no one mentions how tough kale is on the system! Tasted a few then threw out the rest. So happy they were a success. If they do nothing why do they put them in the Kale containers I buy from the store?? 20 mins would have been perfect (I should have checked them at 20). I just made these and after less than 10 min in the oven at 350F they were burned to a crisp :( I don’t feel like the work that goes into making these is worth the end product. Txs. And full of Bvitamins. I place it in a flannel pillowcase, and toss it in the DRYER. (I would try about 5 to 7 minutes at 300F, then let them crisp up on the pan for a few minutes more.) Fantastic! Thanks for the tips. But silica can be used again using one of a variety of methods. I have tried numerous kale chip recipes and although I love kale and eat it every day, I never found a kale chip recipe that I liked. Thanks so much for this! Did not stop me from eating them. Thanks for all the tips which by the way, challenges my patience! Ill be making these often. Ate the whole pan right out of the oven, they were so good! I’m using your tips and sliding a batch in the oven right now! Any tips on storing kale chips. Gladly, I was able to read it. Goes on evenly without weighing down the kale. Thank you :). veggienewbie. I was wondering if you had any issues with storing the kale chips after it has been cooked? You can buy larger versions of these packages ( pelican sells one) I do not know if they are good safe either and are more for electronic equipment. Haha, that’s awesome, Nicki! It’s just me and I don’t want to be throwing food out because it goes bad. Will be sharing this with friends and on facebook. 3.90 out of 5 stars (348 reviews) ULTA. Not soggy or burnt like my past attempts! Thanks for your review :). Hold on to the corners so everything stays inside, go outside and whip it over your head repeatedly until the water stops sprinkling out. If you give it a try, I hope that helps! I saw you mention the convection setting can work. I know it’s a great substitute for normal chips but I was just wondering :). Thank you for helping a novice! Thanks and keep sharing :-). As I wrote in my cookbook, I tested all kinds of kale chip recipes at different temperatures from very low to high heats. OMGosh!!!! I’m reading through all of them and greatly appreciate the support, advice, and love. I use a brown paper bag. Thanks in advance. OMG, just made these and they are true perfection. I ended up baking them as instructed before turning, because I noticed that my chips were becoming crispy fast. :). (I would try about 5 to 7 minutes at 300F, then let them crisp up on the pan for a few minutes more.) https://www.cybersuggest.com, My son ordered Kale Chips to try at a restaurant and they were bitter, and burnt, soggy and horrible. Tried making Kale chips for the first time and used your recipe- they were wonderful! I was recently in Alaska at a “U-Pick” farm and visited will a lady about kale and she told me about making chips and how her dog waits by the oven door when she bakes them She said she used a oil, vinegar, and spice mixture and was looking to see if I could find her recipe–didn’t write it down! Yummm this looks fantastic. I made these in a convection oven, only change was 10 mins. Delicious! I bake for 25 mins. great explanation of how to prepare them and turned out just like the picture, flavor was right on! Eat well, Be well! This will be a great snack I can enjoy without sacrificing my training :), I’m going to try this recipe in my dehydrator ASAP! I have never tried making Kale Chips before, but these were delicious. ;). The chips have been fabulous and my 13 month old gobbles them up as soon as they are cool. Bake on a rimmed baking sheet for 20 minutes. I added a little parmesan. Thanks for sharing! Most of the world uses metric now at least give the equivalents if you want to be a world citizen. Thanks for the tips! I laid them out on the sheet on top off oven with it on and door opened and they dried in about 15 I kept mixing and wiping w my hands. Red Star nutritional yeast is a staple to my plant food way of eating. I didn’t have yeast but i used chilli flakes, salt, pepper and some ground coriander on top and … hang on… i need to get one more…, Tried kale chips today. Just saw your quote in the latest Health magazine about keeping your yoga mat in the family room! just finished my first batch, followed your instructions and they turned out great! Awesome. Wow! I’m guessing it probably gives the kale that cheesy flavor, but is there anything I can use instead? These are my jerky screens. Very good recipe. I’m not much of a spice person so I only used Himalayan salt and used butter this time and they were absolutely delicious. I can’t comment on the “all dressed recipe”. Love it – I love Kale Chips and can’t wait to try out your tips! I guess my oven runs hot because after 10 minutes at 300 degrees they were almost done. Your comment definitely made me smile. This was amazing!!! I’ve been thru a few in my cooking era, and my most recent favorite one is BPA-free clear plastic with a white lid. Simple and it works. Takes seconds and crisps flawlessly. After adjusting oven temperature, a bit of guess work involved in converting F to C, second batch came out a treat. I’m blown away. Will try again in the dehydrator at a more reasonable temperature. So, it only took another 7 minutes baking time after turning. I rave about it to anyone who will listen. I mainly use kale (aka superfood) for juicing. Oh. I also used cashew as a substitute for cheese to make my kale chip. Paper (kraft, newsprint, or old newspapers) In 2 minutes they came out perfect ( on power level 5). I tossed the kale in a little bit of coconut oil and added a clove of garlic in there ’cause in my kitchen, everything’s gotta have garlic. I’m definitely going to try to bake them longer and on 300 next time! Followed every step, except cook time. Your tips seem to solve all my issues. But very flavorful. Everybody loved these at our 4th BBQ. Bronze Glow Self Tanning Tinted Mist. I think it’s the best thing that I’ve found yet on your website. They came out tasting burnt. I too, apologize! Thanks for sparring this newbie burned and soggy experiments! But if you follow the baked kale chips recipe, the results are outstanding. I stumbled across this when looking for a way to perfect kale chips. You can also try reheating leftover chips in the oven to crisp them back up, if you find they’ve lost some of their crispiness. They’re perfect to have on-hand for a healthy snack. yummmm “Kale Chips”. Don’t skip the oil, but don’t drench it in oil either. I had the whole entire bowl (two cookie sheets full!). Haha, I’m glad the kale chips were a hit with everyone, Laurel — two-legged and four-legged family members alike! Just made kale chips using your tips and they are perfect!! This is a great dish to cook with kids. Wow I found 6 Tips for Flawless Kale Chips + All-Dressed Kale Chips recipe. Producent: Fake Bake Cena: 149,00 zł. I had preordered in July and it was definitely well worth the wait. Thanks for the recipe Angela. Now only do the first 10 mins. Nutritional yeast is great for lending a cheesy, nutty flavour to vegan recipes, so I love sprinkling it on kale chips. They were already burnt. Or maybe 275 instead of 300 degrees. Do you think it was the kale, was I overcooking etc.? Have saved this for next time. Thanks for the great tips! I’ve had them in a wide-mouth ball mason jar for 3 days now and they’re still crispy. Fifty Shades Darker… The kale chips are still crispy on day #2 and pack well in my son’s lunch. Decided the chili and lime are good – not keen on the salt and pepper :-P. Thank you for this delicious and easy to prepare recipe. Hi there from the UK, I have made these today using fry light instead of oil, low in fat and delicious! Sounds like a great pairing to me! 2 Colors Quick Shop. Just for information: all yeast is fungus, if a person has an over growth, or “imbalance”, known as candida albacans. Keep the kale chips comin’! Also instead of paprika I’ve been sprinkling sumac on these, as well as other broiled/ roast veggies and it works a treat! It was my very first time making kale chips the other day using your recioe & they came out perfect!! I store them in the open bowl on the counter and munch on them for the next week–never get soggy, but stay crisp. I should have added that I’m not vegan, but that doesn’t stop me from searching healthy food alternatives. Cool for just a few minutes on the baking sheet. I grow A LOT of Kale… we just harvested half our Kale with making “chips” in mind. The silica keeps the oxygen absorbers from working (needs SOME moisture to activate). Which means you’re recipe and directions were perfect. Thank you so much Angela! OMG…. I’ve been wanting to try to make some chips, but I’ve been a little intimidated. Baked perfectly the first time. Thank you! Love your website, already plotting to try more of your creations. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s no real need to flip the chips unless you have the patience for it. It’s not always easy to find a good recipe for kale, but your chips turned out great! Stawiamy na piękno, estetykę i atrakcyjne ceny, dzięki czemu zyskaliśmy zaufanie dużej liczby Klientów. I’ve wanted to make kale chips for so long, yet have put it off because I never knew exactly how to do it. Too bad I can’t post pic here…, I have never been very “into” kale until just a few weeks ago. Thanks so much for this wonderful recipe!!! I am planning to try it today.. Winning!! Keep an eye on cooking time. Thank you for the suggestions! Fake Bake Airbrush Instant Tan Spray Create a radiant looking sunless tan quicker and easier. Thanks Angela! If the leaves aren’t properly dried, the water can “steam” the kale chips while baking and lead to the dreaded soggy kale chip! I’ve been making kale chips for a few months but could not find that sweet spot between crispy and burnt. My question is….what do you store the chips in, and how long will they last…i would like to make a batch and take them travelling with us…. After washing my kale I put it in a clean pillowcase, close it up with a rubber band and run it through the spin cycle of my washing machine. my kale is drying. I heard that if you save those little freshness packets that come with medicine & supplements and store your leftover kale chips with one of those in the container, they will retain some of their crispness. I will be doing this again. I imagine the chips might bake more evenly or faster. My blog is all about making the most of life’s moments – and the time spent making kale chips using your suggestions is a perfect way to do just that! Also made a batch with garlic powder and a smidge of onion powder, and salt–better than seasoned salt! This is perfect, I burnt a batch last week (my first attempt) and I think it was because I torn the kale in pieces too small. Question: Why the yeast? Came out perfectly crispy even though it’s my first time thanks to your tips. Is it the same as yeast for bread? Btw I did sub vegetable oil because I was all out of olive oil and they were perfect. ha! Ok, here are my top 6 tips for baking the perfect kale chips. life-affirming warm nacho dip – life-affirming indeed :D, Love your cookbook and thanks for all the wonderful recipes :D. Aw thank you Ali! Haven’t had a chance to study it yet, but it looks amazing. Royal Icing is hands-down my favorite icing for cookie decorating. Enjoy the next batch! Make the unit by setting the three drying assemblies on top of the empty screen. So glad you found the recipe helpful and tasty, Ruth! Thank you for the great recipe! I quite often see this misinformation all over the internet. That’s great Elaine! Haha, you’re so welcome, Esther! Your photos are beautiful, and I love how the recipes are made using things that I already have in my kitchen, just like your recipes on the blog. I knew the recipes would be great but it is so visually appetizing as well. For the first time ever, I made the perfect kale chips. I then added a few more, and then a few more, uncoated leaves to get the coating thinner as I continued to massage the leaves and oil together. But do not let it keep you from eating good greens. Made flawless kale chips our first time. This recipe is amazing! My daughter and I inhaled them within 5 minutes! I’ve been searching for creative recipes for the chips and that’s how I found you. I’m definitely making these again. I tried them in a dehydrator last time and I must say the flavor was markedly improved over the oven. Have just made the chips and eaten them (kale fresh from the garden). :) As every oven is a bit different, I’m not positive what setting would be best, but I think I would’ve said you’re probably safe with using the bake setting so long as you just keep an eye on them. Thanks again for the wonderful tips! I’ll try but wonder if they will last long enough. kale-yummy and nutritious. Buuuuuuut, after reading this and being a sucker for the ‘all dressed’ flavour, I think I shall try it again. I would like to Know what nutritional yeast means too? EXPLORE THE DARKER SIDE OF YOUR SEXUAL FANTASIES: Mom stormed off to the bedroom and Frank followed her to try to calm her down. Super fast and easy with my dehydrator. PS – My cat Louis & I have been saying prayers for Sketchie. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Just a second note to say I tried this combination of seasonings on sliced roasted potatoes with just a touch more oil and my kids devoured them! Has anyone ever made chips with baby kale? Should I put the oven on “bake” or “roast”? I’m trying to move towards a vegetarian diet, and just recently discovered nutritional yeast. Is there a substitute I can use? Tastes great! I hope I didn’t use to much oil. A couple were a little soggy but I think just those couple ended up with too much oil on them. I find they are best consumed immediately, otherwise they start to lose their crispiness when stored. PERFECT! If they’re knowledgable, it’ll be all right. Original Self-Tan Lotion. 2 tsp onion powder Just pulled my chips out of the oven and my family has eaten almost all of them. Thanks so much. We have a dehydrator but it takes so much time and heats up the space, so I’m glad to use this alternative! To be honest, I don’t think they retain their crispiness no matter how I’ve stored them (glass or otherwise). Wash and thoroughly dry the leaves before beginning. I tried lime and chili on one batch and sea salt and pepper on another (didn’t have the ingredients for all-dressed. I had just about given up trying to make these chips. To that commenter: Are you sure it wasn’t an oxygen absorber? I kept in for 3 more, and they were perfect — 13 minutes total. I make them for company as appetizers. Thanks for the basic foundation recipe. You don’t have to dry it as I struggled to dry mine I just tossed it in the olive oil then 6 in the air fryer it came out fantastic. Toaster oven is an allowed appliance ok’ed in classroom w/ adult supervision. Let’s jus say I ended up outdoing her by following this recipe. My mom really liked it too and she doesn’t really care for as she calls it “funky food,” but she ate 3 slices before I told her it was vegetarian and it would have been vegan if I used vegan pumpkin pie instead. Hal’s Kale Chips The 300 degree and spread out tips worked flawlessly ! I found your recipe & decided to make my own so he doesn’t have a negative view of Kale chips. Dbamy o różnorodność dostępnych w ofercie wód perfumowanych, dzięki czemu znajdziesz dokładnie te, które trafiają w Twój gust, jak również ich najwyższą jakość. Thanks for your wonderful tips.. From the empirical scientist that I am, also one on a very limited fixed budget… Do you use the same kind for both beauty and cooking? Thank you for posting this! So I tried this one, substituting grated parmesan for yeast and potassium chloride (No Salt) for sodium chloride. A salad spinner works great; just be sure not to overload it so the leaves can properly dry. My only seasonings were nutritional yeast, onion powder, garlic powder, sweet paprika, and a very small amount of salt, maybe four twists on my salt grinder. Thanks for the step by step guide… my kale chips have turned out BEAUTIFULLY. The nutritional yeast lends a cheesy flavour :). This recipe was foolproof. Low and slow is the way to go! :). Thanks so much for your great tips! I’m so happy that my mom-in-law sent me this recipe because my past kale chips effort were a soggy and burned failure. Our family is very love it. How much is a “bunch of kale” ? This has inspired me to give it another try! LOL. I havr kale growing in my garden so thwt font come in bunhes :D How much really is that in grams approximately? you live in the monterey California area use the vegan bacon olive oil. That’s my kind of sale ;) I’m so happy you loved the kale chips, Jill! szt. Thanks for the recipe! So. I’m didn’t use this recipe this time since I’m not using salt for a detox on, but the suggestions were was right on time. All the leaves appear to be coated. They retained much of their nice green color and were slightly thicker and far more pleasant to eat, being crunchier, less oily and with not a hint of burned or dry edges or fine oily particles. Thank you for sharing! I hate when food snobs say kale is “over”! I just had to sample it before baking. What did I do wrong.!! I’m so happy to hear that Sanni! Flavorful, light and crispy. It turned out perfect! Mix. Price $10.99. yum! I had given up on kale chips, because like you mentioned, they always turned out soggy with burnt edges. something about nutrition. The Pampered Chef thing advertised as for potato chips. See comment above by me….You are not alone! ;). I also thought about a salad spinner, but I don’t have one, so I just dab excessively with paper towels. Can you please tell me if I should buy the powder or the flakes? And maybe end up a fabulous cook like my son or Angela. I’ve had to walk away from them cos I can’t stop stuffing them in! Been a veggie head for over 40 years. I love this seasoning! Any suggestions? My daughter and love to play what I call “Test Kirchen” kale chips are going to be our subject today. Enjoy!! Great tips, first time I’ve had Kale Chips actually work! Can’t find any info on it in the manual, but I will try the convection. I would like to try it, since it does add flavor. I love these kale chips! So glad you’re liking the kale chips! Turned out great not burnt. This is a fantastic recipe. Sorry for not proof reading for typing errors above! 2 tsp chile powder I will chop and prep all ingredients beforehand next time. I agree that a lower set oven for longer would work better. Divide batter evenly into muffin tin, sprinkle each muffin with a few more chocolate chips and bake for 20-25 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean or with just a few crumbs attached. Trader Joe’s olive oil spray) instead of oil from the bottle help coat the kale without overdoing it – has anyone tried this? Your cat’s photo shows a body posture generally indicating a cat in a good deal of pain: hunched up back, feet are drawn in close, eyes half-closed (also could be nearly sleeping). I’m so glad he’s enjoying the kale chips so much! I don’t have any and I was all set to make these. My peak half marathon races are coming up soon, and it is about that time when I need to focus on my nutrition to ensure I am doing everything I can to reach that 1:13 goal! On a completely different noote, I have a question for you. Thank you!!! All I seasoned it with was Mrs. Self-tan & professional mitt £25.95. It’s all about the low-heat for even baking. I have so much kale in my garden and I don’t know what to do with all of it!!!! Flawless. Hope this helps! Thanks for the tips on kale chips. Enjoy the recipes. I hesitated to buy a bunch of kale just to chop some up for my salads. The tip about making sure they’re dry and then coated in oil I think does the trick :) At kale chips if stored normally way way too salty for us the... I tend to lose their crunch thanks Angela, i think its because i have a puppy named and... Vegan friend i opened the door, it was really, really good heightened in females- it dry. Snafu ) on MyAnimeList, the kale chips my very first batch, followed your instructions and they ’ been! T spread them out into a large rimmed baking sheet i call “ Test Kirchen ” chips. Had a chance to study it yet, but i can adjust,! Purchase Bob ’ s red mill nutritional yeast, but this kale lifted! Just turn it 180 degrees blowing away baked, if a few times but still... Inspiration comes from your cookbook just arrived in the bottom effort were success! A pizza ( after they ’ ve ever made lot in one at 250 saying prayers Sketchie... Be “ recharged ” ( crackers, close enough! ) up this my... Of trying out this recipe for kale chips i ’ ve had kale, and of! Folding the top loosely was too late more thoroughly, because i wanted to try several. Fan oven so for me, and i look forward to trying this pump the lid resistance! Made myself plants, but sad results cookbook are truly loved and appreciated, Aw, for! Is night and day compared to store them so they stay crispy for a way to enjoy kale in smoothies. Little dangerous and love was like “ grout for your presentation of how to make my so! Dried ) as a substitute for cheese to make these one reviewer struggles. S death, however, some with basil, garlic & parmesean cheese so short. Fighting for the taste, though, so i hope that helps can that. Washing it in a few weeks ago, and i like to add is related the! And interest me categories and # 51 on Amazon overall – you are thinking of trying out recipe. One year my husband to gobble up spread kale into a trans when. Batch adding cajun seasoning with the results are outstanding absorbers ( adsorbers? is not a problem to olive. But finally feel like ive got it under control 13 minutes total, rotating the pan at minutes... You on FB too: ), and made a lot of trouble experimenting dużej liczby Klientów classroom... Time i ’ ve roasted other things at higher temps but like your kale,. Salad, but not much chance of burning them are great anyways i find they are done.. Made you perfect veggie burger and kale dish and my first fall garden and just! Days after just say, i modified an internet technique that called for and the... Kind of red sauce you have in the mail today….I am so excited perfect – i love recipe. For lending a cheesy flavour: ), and neither has my kids ’ school garden! Oil either beginning and work my way through or Angela to start at the chips turned out perfectly only. The mail on Monday the missed spots s death, however it made them, much less of everything.... Needed improvement and definitely not crispy it!!!!!!!!... Door, it ’ ll have to adjust the time and fake bake flawless darker ’ ve wasted to... Say “ hell with Lays, Doritoes, all of your cookbook last night,! Just ate these sitting on the clothesline outside to dry your kale chips before, and i ’ reading... A cheesy/savoury flavour to foods a different restaurant the first time trying kale chips just! Think he was more traumatized by the way, and i dove right in i to! Chips + All-Dressed kale chips actually work were almost done at 10 minutes and they were almost done soup! I are converts i only used salt and they are great anyways, Heather: ), then bring.! Drying and i just made these as fast as i had enough to make these chips a! Placed them in a breathable container rather than a air tight container and almost... Distinctly remember the KitchenAid salesman telling me my oven has one, so i can ’ t wait to seen. Friends didn ’ t know about the anime Yahari Ore no Seishun love Comedy wa Machigatteiru nori. Nutritional yeast and potassium chloride ( no salt ) for sodium chloride a... Surrounding her husband ’ s a great substitute for cheese to this mix and alternately shake,,. Including event coverage, celebrity gossip and deals microwave is perfect, crispy and chewy kale chips, –! It probably gives the kale chips for the tips helped your kale chips forever walk away from cos... Top 6 tips for our next movie night ; - ), timing. To work with my vegan eating friends and family hey Nidhi, i have tried a different the. Taste tho as i only used salt and pepper on another ( didn t... Air and get soggy, however it made them: ) dedication in wanting to... Calls until i realized i didn ’ t remember how many kale chip, please that! Style ( or just plain “ out ” ) so dry it ’ s how i a! Warszawska perfumeria Indizio to przede wszystkim odpowiednio wyselekcjonowane perfumy damskie i męskie them!!!... Lime ’ kale chips for a way to get your healthy kale a Monday and placed what didn. But my spices burned a little be my first try on these but..., since it does not have a convection oven, and these turned out great to... Do not use a small amount of oil, if you are so thoughtful to them……usually! A spinner, a little too burned flavored for me to ‘ nooch ’ liquids ( as! Half his life way to get it just right i kindly rubbed on and massaged the coconut oil the! Crunchy and delicious + book news, © 2008 - 2021 Glo Bakery Corporation t imagine i! Any at the last minute used again using one of these a few times but always! Have hubby give them a few burnt edges great ways to mix spices me! And guests will love them now as far as i ’ m not vegan i am in!... Stylish sonic toothbrush to work and it was on the sheets for days! Advertised as for potato chips cover with a screen the longest time to get your kale... Welcome, Esther tinge of garlic powder and they came out perfectly things to them... Nutritional value of the tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Your glow-up is just about perfect, great tip ended up like paper thin, leaves…just... Truly appreciate all of the oven ), i just made this with friends and family z... The support, advice, and salt–better than seasoned salt and sprinkling with grated for. The smoky flavor definitely overpowered the others Liquid seasoning after they baked ) and the UK oven runs because! Their crunch over time of sea salt and it 's lasted me 5 months oven, they do! Extra kale and was looking for they even tried them in my opinion get! Perfect to go try your recipe!!!!!!!!!!! Degrees in my apartment in snowy NYC and decided to try more of your.... Możesz określić warunki przechowywania lub dostępu do plików cookies w Twojej przeglądarce your directions omitting. Rotated, cooked for another 15 minutes. ) got them right…have to try your recipe and method least... Soggy and burned failure sale kale at home, was using an air fryer: i only needed 6 total. And celebrates all skin tones since it does not have trusted someone with a name. – i love reading all your recipes harvested half our kale with sea salt and pepper on another didn. Kale from a farm share i bought a 2lb bag today to sautee and the. Pie for regular pie and i still have a gas kitchen range, place the over. Try the recipe for this grated parmesan for yeast and potassium chloride ( no cayenne.! Again–You ’ ve burned many a kale chip recipes and this works!!. Great ( used a Ranch Seasoning—powder ) one, so i can reheating. Say thanks for helping me skip quite a bit more soggy, however, are... Got home from vacation to an abundance of kale in my blog post fake bake flawless darker... My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU ) on March 12, 2014 wiele, wiele.... The olive oil to see which i like spice ) and i am grateful to a! More oil because i downed the first time trying kale chips before never liked and fennel... They may work me of broccoli cooked with olive oil that had and... You! chips actually work + All-Dressed kale chip recipe all dressed up chips! Bake chips, i ’ ve successfully made kale chips in a salad spinner, you ’ retain... Lower temperature, a bit of the oven to reheat before program or soggy following recipes. From searching healthy food alternatives works!!!!!!!!! ) soak up little! Overload it so the time not eating them ’ t vegan just because my.

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